Student Financing

o Full Tuition Payment

A one-time charge that covers the entire total tuition charge of
$6,350. If paid in
full during enrollment a 15% discount will be applied towards tuition.

o Yearly Tuition Payment

Yearly payment of $1,950 will be made as a down payment, with a
charge of $400 every month until paid in full (11 months). No interest.

o Monthly Payment Plan

Down payment $585 than monthly charges of $200.00 to be charged
on the 1 st of each month until the tuition is paid in full.

o Credit Card
o Check enclosed
o Money Order

Rejection: An application rejected by the institution is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.
Three- Day Cancellation: An applicant may cancel this agreement without penalty by notifying the institution within three (3) business days after signing this agreement, excluding weekends and holidays. After the third day, but before classes begin, the institution may retain up to $100 administrative fee.
Other Cancellations: The minimum number of students in program/class is (x). If the course needs to be rescheduled due to low enrollment, students will be notified by phone and email. Students will have the choice
of a refund in accordance with the institution’s refund policy or to attend the next scheduled class. If the class start date is changed for a second time, the student will be eligible for a full refund of all monies paid.
Withdrawal: Student(s) who wish to withdraw from this institution after classes begin will be subject to the refund policy. The institution may retain up to $100 administrative fee after the three-day cancellation period or after classes begin. Refunds are computed in ten-percent increments, rounded downward to the next ten percent of that period. After sixty percent of attendance, the institution may charge for the entire course.Refunds are issued within 40 days after the effective date of cancellation or last date attended.

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