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The tuition Advanced Diagnostic Institute charges only covers about 90% of its cost to educate each student. The Board of Trustees purposely sets tuition below this actual cost in order to keep ADI more affordable to a larger number of families. As a result, it remains an amazing place where families from all walks of life can continue to send their children to experience ADI . Many believe that this is one of the key elements that makes ADI so special. So ADI must depend on other sources of income beyond tuition to meet the expenses and operational needs of running an automotive school. All are encouraged to give as generously as possible to help strengthen ADI for another year.


The school’s ability to fulfill many of its current and future objectives, without substantially raising tuition and fees, depends on the amount of income that can be generated from the endowment. Every dollar of endowment represents a school’s capacity to provide for essential needs, such as financial aid, program funding, faculty support, and property management. Overall, endowments represent good stewardship of financial resources by creating self-generating income streams.

The goal is to increase its endowment by raising $75,000

Scholarships and Financial Aid
ADI must continue to grow its endowment to fund need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships that today support 45% of the student body. This aid enables The Prep to maintain a diverse student body while keeping tuition costs low.

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff
The values ongoing professional development opportunities for its talented and dedicated faculty and staff. Advances in technology and teaching methodologies have created the need for faculty to remain at the forefront of their fields by pursuing graduate studies, and attending workshops and training. Ongoing professional instruction is made possible through The Prep’s endowment funds.

Impacting Future Generations

What is truly inspiring about a planned gift is that it demonstrates a firm belief in the future of Advanced Diagnostic Institute. Whether the donation funds a scholarship or sustains a specific program, these gifts ensure that students will continue to have life-changing opportunities at ADI.

Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit us after your lifetime, you can find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support Advanced Diagnostic institute.

You Can Make A Difference

Here’s how a $100 donation can help the kids:

  • Purchase a set of textbooks used in auto technical class or ASE testing
  • Cover transportation on transit, bus passes
  • Tuition coverage for low income students

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