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About Us

Advanced Diagnostic Institute

Dedicated to Doing What We Love

Here at ADI we care about our students!

Our Story

It all started with a dream, a dream to open an automotive school that wasn’t just book work, but was hands on. A school consisting of real-world scenarios and experiences. A place where the students break down and build engines, and transmissions. Where they are taught how to be resourceful, professional, and successful. A school that puts emphasis on helping students graduate, pass their ASE tests, assists them in finding a career, and pushes them to be their very best. Here at ADI we care about our students! We started the process of opening the school in April 2017, with the great dedication from our team we are doing what we love and teaching students to become trained, skilled, and employable for a future that will be both financially and mentally rewarding.

Reasons Why people choose us!

ADI is more than just another automotive training program

State of The Art Facility

In addition to our classroom, we also offer an option to take part in our shop classes. It takes place in our state of the art campus located in Conway, South Carolina. Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date facilities and tools.

ASE/NATEF Standards

Learn all aspects of diagnosis, repair, and replacement of automotive engines, cylinder heads, valve trains, blocks, electrical and cooling system repair in accordance with industry standards.

Interactive Online Course

Learn from Home. Our fully interactive online training is second to none. The 9 month course give you intense detailed training at your own pace and access to live instructors to help solve problems and ask questions.

Expert Instructors

All of the instructors at ADI are ASE certified technicians with extensive knowledge and experience with modern automotive diagnostics and repair.

Advanced Diagnostic Institute is a 501C nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to providing our students with the tools to succeed. Donate a car to Receive a Full Tax Credit and contribute to our students success.
We Are A WIOA Partner. Some Students May qualify for tuition Assistance through the SC Works Program.

Job Placement Services Included!

ADI is invested in placing their graduates in high paying real world jobs.  We have partnered with both local and national companies that know our students have the knowledge and competitive edge they are looking for.  Don’t Compete with an ADI graduate.  Be an ADI Graduate.

Find Answers to Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

ADI does an enrollment at the start of each class if there is room in the program for new students.If a student starts after Aug 15th it will take a complete year to graduate instead of 9 months because we are closed between June 2nd and Aug 15th.
All 9 classes must be completed with a grade over 70% to graduate from the Program.

Classes are held Monday through Thursday between 6pm and 9pm

The first step is to schedule an interview for enrollment to go over what is covered in the 9 months and what is expected of you to complete the program.If you are accepted into the program the next step is to fill out an enrollment agreement and complete the loan through the Register tab on our website just click on apply for financing and it will bring up the link.The loan step can be skipped if the student is paying in full. Everyone is approved for financing if there is an issue getting the loan there will be a down payment required.There is an option if approved for no payments until after you graduate.

After being accepted into ADI we will refer you to a career specialist at the WIOA and they will schedule a meeting with the student to explain their  process of getting you approved for assistance.

ADI is contacted weekly looking for candidates for local employment. We post these jobs on our digital career board.Our career board is for all current and graduated students. After 3 months in the program we will give you the login access to apply for these jobs.Our recommendations are based on attendance and your ability to be on time for class.Any company working with us agrees to let you out on time to get to class by 6pm while you’re still in school.

The certification is for 432 hours of  training in the Automotive Technology program through ADI
ADI is licensed by The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.
We also recommend you take the 9 ASE tests for the 9 classes offered by ADI.These ASE Tests are not required to graduate but students will be prepared for them and they will only make it easier to find employment.
ASE is the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. It is the industry standard in automotive testing.ADI students are prepared for these tests and the certifications are tangible proof of their technical knowledge to future employers.We will set up their ASE accounts online for the students and show them how to schedule their tests at the testing center if they are interested.These tests are not required for graduation but are highly recommended. 

As a courtesy ADI discounts tuition if our loan company is not used because they charge a percentage of the loan to the school. Our refund policy for the tuition does not change if tuition is paid in full.

Yes we have only a small number of seats currently available.We limit our class sizes to about 10 students per teacher.This makes it possible to make sure nobody falls behind in class and can be involved on shop nights.

We spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the classroom and shop every Thursday night. 

PALMS is the only motorsports highschool in the country and We share the facility at 826 West Cox Ferry rd. The building is a Highschool during the Day and ADI Vocational training program at night.
There will be nobody from ADI at the school before 5pm.

No, the majority of the people coming to ADI have no automotive experience. And this will not negatively impact you going through the program.

You will be supplied 4 ADI button up work shirts that you are required to wear every night to class.
The footwear should be something you would wear to work, preferably boots. NO SANDALS OR CROCS 

You will be supplied a chromebook on the first day of class that you will need to bring every night with the charger.All classwork will be done on our website.You will also be given a Tool box that you will need to bring every Thursday night.The box must not have any missing or lost tools and will be checked periodically.

Be The Next Successful Graduate to Start A New Career As A High Paid Auto Technician.

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