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About ADI

826 West Cox Ferry Road Conway SC 29526



  • Students are the primary reason we exist as an institution.
  • We live integrity, civility, and honesty.
  • We relentlessly pursue excellence
  • We embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Creativity, inquiry, and scholarship are our culture.
  • We teach……we learn…..we interact….we nurture…we grow citizens for tomorrow….we do the basics and more.

It all started with a dream, a dream to open an automotive school that wasn’t just book work, but was hands on. A school consisting of real-world scenarios and experiences. A place where the students break down and build engines, and transmissions. Where they are taught how to be resourceful, professional, and successful. A school that puts emphasis on helping students graduate, pass their ASE tests, assists them in finding a career, and pushes them to be their very best. Here at ADI we care about our students! We started the process of opening the school in April 2017, with the great dedication from our team we are doing what we love and teaching students to become trained, skilled, and employable for a future that will be both financially and mentally rewarding.


At Advanced Diagnostic Institute, we know that changing lives through higher education starts with creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all. Our work is made stronger by ensuring that a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives are represented within our community. We will always stand up for these values, and they will remain at the core of our commitment to providing underserved populations with access to higher education.

Our educational philosophy is sustained by individuals dedicated to customer focus and satisfaction through continuous improvement. The school community will create a learning environment that motivates and actively engages all students in mastering rigorous academic and technical curricula. This philosophy is implemented by adhering to our core values of communication, achievement, respect, and ethics.

Communication strengthens partnership development and teamwork.

Achievement is attained through a strong work ethic.

Respect from all guarantees a safe learning environment.

Ethics ensures a dedication to honesty and integrity.


  • To increase the percentage of students performing at the proficient and advanced levels.
  • To engage students through dynamic and technologically integrated teaching strategies.
  • To implement a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is aligned with the academic and technical frameworks and Common Core standards.
  • To align technical programs to national standards and accreditation requirements, allowing students to obtain relevant licensure/certifications.
  • To promote environmental awareness through green initiatives.
  • To develop recruiting strategies to expand community awareness.
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